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Evergreen: Mer Tales #2

Evergreen: Mer Tales #2 - Brenda Pandos It's always difficult to find an ending to part 2 in the series of 3. I think of Back to the Future part II, when Marty gets the Western Union letter saying that Doc Brown is alive and well in 1885. *Spoiler Alert* The ending of this one reminded me of The Empire Strikes Back, where everyone was getting ready to meet up on Tattoine (in Return of the Jedi). The Star Wars analogy is apt. *Spolier alert* There's a scene where Fin and Galadriel are getting off a plane. Some law enforcement officers ask to see their IDs. One of them sings, "You don't need to see our IDs. We're not the ones you're looking for." That was straight out of the original Star Wars. It's amazing how much detail there is. I looked back at the time frame, and it's hard to believe that most of the book takes place in 1 week. I got used to the back and forth narration from Everblue, so that wasn't an issue. I'm looking forward to book 3.