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Fish Out Of Water (Escape Fantasy Romance) - Ros Baxter

This is an interesting twist on the mermaid formula. This time the mermaid, Rania, is a sheriff who only has 3 weeks to live because of an ancient prophecy. She's in a town far away from her home in the ocean. One night, a dead body washes up, and she has to investigate. It turns out the dead body is another mermaid. (Don't worry, this is all in the early part of the book, so I'm not revealing any spoilers.) Her investigation will take her back to her home, where the secret is much more than she realized.

I liked the plot twists and turns in this one. The description of the mermaids and the mermaid world is 180 degrees from Disney. The book is written in first person, so everything is told from Rania's perspective. We learn about the characters and the circumstances from her. It reads like a mystery novel, trying to find out who the dead body is, and who could have done this. Plus, all of the other details of a mermaid living on land, and trying to enforce the law. The ending is set up to handle a sequel, Beached, which was published in April. There were still some questions I had about the characters, though. I won't go into them here, because I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm hoping some of them will be answered in the sequel. All in all, a good book.