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Attack the Geek: A Ree Reyes Side-Quest

Attack the Geek: A Ree Reyes Side-Quest - Michael R. Underwood I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for this review. Since I reviewed an uncorrected proof, I won't comment on the formatting. I assume this will be fixed later on. My review is based solely on the content of the book. I thought this book was confusing. It was an interesting premise, that items like D&D, Magic Cards, and other fictional game items could come to life. I've read enough fantasy/YA/sci-fi novels not to question the basic premise of the novel. The execution of the story, though was confusing. At the beginning, some of the characters were given power ratings, just like role-playing games. However, this didn't seem to come into play in the rest of the novel. Point of view kept switching for no reason from one person to another. There were some interesting plot twists, but I kept scratching my head wondering why something happened, or who this was. This is apparently part of a series, so maybe some of it will be explained later. I thought the novel could have been improved by making it a 1st person novel, told from Rae's perspective, who is apparently the central character in the novel. Otherwise, I couldn't recommend it.